My Work


Truth of Choice (to be recorded 2015)
Illusionist Productions
The Robert Lloyd Era: Adventures of the Doctor


Odyssey (in development)
Short Film

Otherworld (in development)
Feature Film


Ghost Ship
The Doctor Who Project (Season 40, Story 1)
Co-authored with Matthew James. Published 29 Nov 2014.
Download Ghost Ship here

The Doctor Who Project (Season 39, Story 4)
Published 16 November 2013
Download Evolution here

The Companions Collection
Parting Clouds
(May 2013)
Jack and the Doctor (Jan 2014)
Silver Leaves (Nov 2014)
One Last Adventure (in progress)
Download The Companions Collection here

The Greatest Story Never Told
An original children's Doctor Who story
December 2012

Download The Greatest Story Never Told here

One Thousand Miles (in progress)
Contemporary short story collection


A Sea of Scarves: Screening The Day of the Doctor
Whotopia (page 69)
Issue 27 | January 2014

Reviewing the Top 25 Stories of All Time
Number 1: Blink

Whotopia (page 74)
2013 Summer Special Celebrating 50 Years of Doctor Who

Reclaiming the Goddess
The Spirit Guide to Spellcraft Magazine
Spring 2010 (Issue 18)

Should Your Children Attend the Birth of Your New Baby?
Yahoo Contributor Network
25 October 2010

Witchcraft in Australia
No longer seeking publication

Life After Cheating
Australian Women's Forum
January 1999

Why I was ridden down by a horse and punched in the back of the head
A personal account of Occupy Melbourne
22 October 2011